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moroccan style rugs is one of the countries in the West left by several expeditions during those times. Tribes have always been respected there as they believe it was a type of uniformity based on their culture, tradition, and beliefs.

As time passes by, the tribes had explored around their country until they got certain materials in the highest mountain to form, serve and make as a livelihood for their survival. This livelihood is a handicraft type until it became popular. This livelihood is called the weaving of rugs. It is solely made by women, for they believe that women are very particular.

Every rug has its own meanings, stories, and purpose. To elaborate more regarding the types, areas, definitions and so on, have time to read the following:

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs have become popular from Morocco country in which it was fully made by women. Even the women in their house can make it as part of their livelihood for them to show their symbols. Each symbol has its own meaning or is more particularly describing their lives. To dig deeper, Moroccan rugs are used to filter, design, and show the creativity of the ones who made it in their home. If you will notice, this is a kind of handicraft that has undergone weaving for almost one (1) month. It is also used as a carpet, bed’s cover, seat cover, and even blanket during cold seasons.

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These authentic Moroccan rugs should be made solely and strictly by women in order to maintain their traditions. If you see the rug, it will show a certain symbol based on their livelihood, traditions, and beliefs.

Berber Moroccan Rugs

This kind of handicraft is a well-known livelihood originally in Morocco. As time passes by, it also traded sales in the market around the world. Since social media becomes more easy-to-use as a tool for communication, it has also played a vital role in sale through an online basis. This is true where all who saw it got engaged and are tempted to buy the product.

beni ourain rugs

If you search this kind of rug, you will notice that Berber is one of the tribes in Morocco, and their hand-woven rugs are based on their names. They are considered as the craftsmanship of those who reside in Morocco for so long.

Modern Moroccan Rugs

The modern Moroccan rug has been mixed and added several textiles. It was also copied by other countries since it was a well-known livelihood.

Those ready-made products are imported to other countries for selling.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Many of us have been tempted to collect these vintage rugs. If you have them, you will be amazed because the design is beautiful, a perfect design for your home decorating your home. Colorful Moroccan Rugs Each and every rug has its own color, depending on the one who has woven it. Sometimes, red Moroccan rugs symbolize love for their country while the color blue sky is preserving their tradition.

Cheap Moroccan Rugs

These rugs are those made with slight uses of colors. Those look thin and do not have many distinguishing designs. Sometimes, it has been based on shapes, large and quality made.

Every Moroccan rug is handmade. As previously described, it is made solely by women in Morocco to show their traditional livelihood and preserving their culture. They had inspired the people to make such rugs according to the symbols they want to portray.

White Moroccan Rugs

The white color has become more popular in selling because customers have reviewed that white is a perfect color as a design in their home. The purity in color white becomes more exposed to women, and these women have decided to design it in every circle of their home.

Moroccan Tribal Rugs

During those expeditions, Morocco has left several tribes based on groups and traditions. Berber tribe is one of the tribes there. This tribe had decided to form livelihood living in their community. And one of those is through making rugs by weaving. Another product is handmade ones being done by a group of women.

Moroccan Flat Woven Rug

To make this flat woven rug, they use their unique technique. Covers, mats, blankets, and tents are examples of flat-woven rugs.

Types of Moroccan Rugs

There are many types of Moroccan rugs based on the types of tribes. These tribes have shown their creativity to express their own lives in their community or even their country. Below are some of the few types of Moroccan rugs that have been exposed, imported, and exported around the world:

1. Azilal Rugs

This type of rug has sometimes taught them to make a story by filling and choosing the color they want to put. Usually, cream or white are commonly used colors for this. The materials have been gathered from the highest mountains and rigidly woven for almost 20 days before selling.

2. Beni Ourain Rugs

This is in contrast to the Azilal rugs because their materials, especially the used colors are muted. Usually, the color is like a cloud white and sand.

3. Kilim Rugs

This rug has been made easily for transportation. It has a slight weight and putting a slight color.

4. Boucherouite Rugs

This is a rug that focuses on recycling. If you have old clothes, carpets, covers, and sheets, these can be used to weave rugs. It creates more resourcefulness as to how the tribes love their nature.

These carpets and rugs are the ones that gave more popularity to Morocco. Each carpet and rug have their own story. That is why you will know that their social aspects and behavior are very well-mannered.